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The power of God

Business Man

My name is Boaz Osir. Before coming to the UCKG, my financial life was a mess. I was working very hard as well as going to church but nothing changed. Instead, my situation became worse day by day in such a way that even to pay my rent was a problem. Debts were increasing and auctioneers were staring at my face. Being already in the church and taking part in the chain of prayers, it reached a time that I said it’s enough and decided to take part in the movements of faith on the altar. I listened to the voice of God and decided to depend on Him entirely. Now it’s 6 yrs still enjoying the blessing of my faith. I can pay my rent, take my children to better schools, my wife was blessed as a manager and I can confidently say, there is power in believing in yourself and in God. THANK YOU JESUS. I AM UNIVERSAL.