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Who are The TF- Teens.

Teens are all children between 11-14 years old. This is the age of transition from childhood into teenage-hood This period between purberty and maturity leads to the physical awkwardness and emotional instability .In other words, it is a phase where the child starts to think for him/ herself and taking decisions that will mold him/her into the youth and future adult to be.

Get to Know Our Young Ones

Adolescence is the phase where everything changes, the body, mind and way of doing things . A teen does not want to be treated like a child anymore but he connot be treated like an adult either, so, it becomes a very confusing period for these little ones.Everything they learned and saw is now going through a process in their brains to define what they want to keep in and what they want to throw out. That is why many children start in the Bsc but when they become teens doubts come, about what they learned and if there is no one to show them the truth, they end up leaving the church or being in church but never truly accepting God in their lives. At this age they question everything, and want to know and try everything. It is an age of decision, we could say. This is the time when they will start defining who they really are. Millions of questions cross their minds, which needs answers. Unfortunately, most teens go to get answers in the world, which consequently leads them to wrong paths.

We work according to your faith and just bear in mind that it is to motivate the teens

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