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No more Asthma

My name is Mary Kemunto. Before I came to the UCKG, I was suffering from Asthma. A disease that you get difficulties in breathing when your lungs are congested, especially during cold seasons. I was young like 8 yrs still at primary school when I got the disease. The doctor’s prescription didn’t work. I reached 25 yrs still using inhalers even though it didn’t help. My condition got worse because I used the inhalers for such a long time that I developed another disease. When I came to the Universal church, I was introduced to the chains of prayer especially Tuesdays. I was anointed with the blessed oil and received the prayers of faith. My situation started to change step by step. Now I can breathe well without difficulties. No more using medicines, intravenous injection and inhalers. Am free and happy. THANK YOU JESUS I AM UNIVERSAL.